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We are confident you'll love any diamond you buy from us. Below are details regarding the commitment to quality that we insist in our diamonds, jewellery setting, and branding. 

Diamonds & GIA Certification


At Valleys & Hills, we'll help you find the perfect diamond through our guidance and selection. 


When you visit our showroom, you'll be greeted with courteous service in a non-pressurized setting, along with assisted knowledge on how the color, clarity, and cut of each diamond might affect its appearance.


We are also happy to answer any questions you might have around fluorescence, GIA certification, setting styles, and more. 


Make an appointment with us today! 


Quality In Every Diamond, Big or Small


Our diamond guarantee: we only utilize DEF colors and VVS to VS clarity gradings for all listed diamonds under 0.30 carats (including those used in our diamond jewellery). 


We also insist on excellent cut grades for diamonds above 1mm (around 0.006 carat). This is our commitment to providing consistent and high quality standards in all our diamonds - no matter the size. 

Excellence through Local Branding


Many Hong Kong jewellers choose to outsource manufacturing and operations to lower cost regions, risking quality controls within their production methods. 


At VH, everything from design, manufacturing, diamond and jewel selection, are conducted within Hong Kong. This allows us to maintain excellence in our products through streamlined processes.